Fireplace Inserts

At Enchanted Fireside, we can help you transform your cold and drafty fireplace into an eco-friendly and stylish fireplace. Brick and stone fireplaces waste fuel, consume a volume of heated air from your home and draw in cold air. When not in use, these fireplaces leak heat from your home. Our exclusive system, can help you find the fireplace insert that will provide heat and transform your existing fireplace into a fuel efficient one.

Fireplace Inserts can use wood, electric or pellets.

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Lock the glass fire-viewing doors and sleep through the night, knowing you will wake up to a warm home!

  • Push a button and your fireplace beams with warmth!
  • No mess and no work
  • High efficiency and natural gas is at its lowest price in 10 years!
  • Easy and efficient pellet inserts!
  • Fill your oil tank just once all year!
  • Ambience
  • Provides heat
  • Portable
  • Decorative addition to your home